Why are single mums seen as bad parents?

Today I am giving birth for the second time. The first time I was in Labour for about eight hours and took home a beautiful baby girl. Let's call her Dee. This time It's been about 55 minutes and a few bad decisions and I've got a blog called One in Four. The bad decisions... Continue Reading →

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Why you shouldn’t avoid travelling with kids!

If you're reading this blog you're probably a one-parent household. One-parent households with one, typically low, income cannot always afford to travel. It often isn't a priority. It isn't a priority because; council tax, rent, food, bills, school expenses, extra-curricular expenses...birthdays, family gatherings etc. The list could go on. But instead of going on I'd... Continue Reading →

What makes successful co-parenting

This week my younger brother from Copenhagen has come to visit me, Dee and the rest of the family. One thing that we love to do is talk about the cultural differences between the Danish lifestyle and the British lifestyle. Our parents divorced when my Brother, Søren was still at school and so we often... Continue Reading →

The truth about single mums

A couple of days ago someone wanted to ask me a personal question. Go ahead! I love them. I am extremely indulgent towards personal questions. I love to talk about myself and my experiences. Except this question wasn't about my experience, more the experience of my daughter, Dee. And this person wanted to know how... Continue Reading →

[Not so] obvious cases for accesible childcare

Last week something happened to me that forced me to remember the precarious reality of single parenthood. Since he returned to Nottingham Dee's father has had regular weekly contact with her on the exact same days/nights. They love spending time together and have an incredibly strong relationship. They are like sidekicks with similar quirks and... Continue Reading →

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